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Reviews for Accused: Stardom, Scandal, Survival

It's a week since the launch of my latest book and I wanted to share some of the amazing reviews I've had for it. Thank you so much, everyone! Here are some of my favourites from Amazon and Goodreads...

Holy hell Spiderman! Thorne rocks the boat, tilting, swaying and staying afloat, serving up this tantalizing rollercoaster, breaking out the heavy artillery, locked and loaded, wrapping this baby up sleek, shiny and tight.

Another fast paced and gripping page turner from TM Thorne.

I read it in just a few days as I couldn’t put it down.

Oh boy!! Another blistering tale from TM Thorne. Glamour, intrigue, an incredible plot AND the most lovable of rogue (I defy anyone not to have a soft spot for Frankie Finch). It’s the perfect escapism in these strange times.

The scenes are abundantly descriptive with colorful details that blend and flow, creating a majestic backdrop that's so rich and lively it feels like you can just reach out and touch it. Remarkable job Thorne, thanks for sharing this little jewel with us.


Accused: Stardom, Scandal, Survival (Frankie Finch book 3) is available in paperback and e-book on Amazon.


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