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"An entertaining and enthralling read. Lots of action, drama and angst with a touch of steam."


"A 5 star read!"



Having a rock star as a business partner was always going to be a gamble, but as a gangland boss, you assume people won’t cross you. After all, everyone knows not to mess with Frankie Finch.


Kidd Ritchie may be past his prime, but after thirty years of rocking packed stadiums he can still draw a crowd, so all eyes are on their glitzy new casino for opening night.


But when burlesque superstar Birdie the Bird of Paradise is snatched from her dressing room and one of Frankie’s boys risks everything to save her, Frankie has no choice but to get involved.


As the Vegas mafia close in and threaten everything Frankie holds dear, can he get Birdie and his man back alive, or will his reign as king of East London finally come to an end?


And everyone knows, you don’t retire from being a gang boss. You get retired.

Caged is available as ebook and paperback. Free to read with Kindle Unlimited.

Book 1 - NOTORIOUS: Danger, Deception, Desire

Book 2 - ACCUSED: Stardom, Scanda, Survival

Book 3 - CAGED: Rock, Ransom, Retribution

Book 4 - DRIVEN: Racing, Rivalry, Revenge

Book 5 - FIXATED

Prequel: MADE: The Frankie Finch Story

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