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Having a rock star as a business partner was always going to be a gamble, but as a gangland boss, you assume people won’t cross you. After all, everyone knows not to mess with Frankie Finch.


Kidd Ritchie may be past his prime, but after thirty years of rocking packed stadiums he can still draw a crowd, so all eyes are on their glitzy new casino for opening night.


But when burlesque superstar Birdie the Bird of Paradise is snatched from her dressing room and one of Frankie’s boys risks everything to save her, Frankie has no choice but to get involved.


As the Vegas mafia close in and threaten everything Frankie holds dear, can he get Birdie and his man back alive, or will his reign as king of East London finally come to an end?


And everyone knows, you don’t retire from being a gang boss. You get retired.

Caged is available as ebook and paperback. Free to read with Kindle Unlimited.

Book 1 - NOTORIOUS: Danger, Deception, Desire

Book 2 - ACCUSED: Stardom, Scanda, Survival

Book 3 - CAGED: Rock, Ransom, Retribution

Book 4 - DRIVEN: Racing, Rivalry, Revenge

Book 5 - FIXATED

Prequel: MADE: The Frankie Finch Story

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Kidd Ritchie lounged back in the deep shadows of the auditorium, his long legs crossed at the knee and smiled that famous smile. As girls strutted onto the stage in time to the grungy rock anthem, dressed in shorts and sweats instead of their usual flamboyant costumes, his fingers tapped to the oh-so-familiar rhythm, playing along automatically. Devil’s Kiss was the hit that had catapulted Fire Skink to the big time, way back when they were fresh-faced musicians all those years ago. And despite the myriad of times they’d played it in stadiums over the ensuing decades, he couldn’t resist that oh so catchy riff.

He watched, his face glowing, nodding his head as they ran through the routine. He’d made the right choice booking them as the headline act for his new casino. The dancers were sensational, even in rehearsal. As the music surged to a crescendo, his smile widened as a woman rose out of a trapdoor, like Venus in denim cutoffs and sky-high heels. That was his girl. His fingers stilled as he watched her move, her body undulating to the beat. She was breathtaking. All the other dancers faded into the background now she was on stage. That was why Birdie was a star.

As the number came to a climax and the room fell silent, he rose to his feet and clapped. Birdie shielded her eyes against the glare of the lights and peered into the darkness. On spotting Kidd, she swung herself down from the stage and ran towards him, launching herself and wrapping her legs around his waist.

He kissed her, a long, slow kiss before pulling away, his face beaming.

“That was amazing, Birdie.”

“Wait till you see it with costumes and makeup, and that’s just the opening number. Your eyes will pop when you see the finale,” she said with a wink.

“Oh, come on, you’ve got to at least let me watch the dress rehearsal. I definitely deserve a sneak preview!”

But Birdie was having none of it.

“Not a chance, I want it to be a surprise! Besides, opening night’s tomorrow, you don’t have much longer to wait.”

He shook his head.

“As you wish, my showgirl queen,” he said, doffing an imaginary hat.

She giggled, kissing him again before marching him towards the exit and opening the door.

“Right off you go, I’ve got the rest of the show to rehearse, and you’ve got a casino to go and get ready.”

Shooing him out, she shut the door firmly behind him before striding back towards the stage.

“Positions for the final number, everyone!” she shouted. They needed to get this right. With a star-studded audience booked, and a Casino co-owner who was one of London’s most notorious gangsters, she wanted to make sure everything was perfect.

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