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"Cut from the same cloth as a Jilly Cooper blockbuster."

"A gripping fast fuelled novel which is a compulsive read from start to finish."



“Fast and furious from start to finish. A sexy fast-paced thriller.”


“A high-octane Jilly Cooper-esque romp with tyre squeal and sex appeal.”


Jake Golding is a kind hearted family man. Taking his son racing seems like a good idea until Max is scouted, and they find themselves catapulted into the prestigious British Championships.


Thrust into the adrenaline-fuelled world of motorsport, where wealth and corruption go hand in hand, marriages are made and shattered and sex is a weapon as well as a hobby for bored wives, Jake locks horns with Fat Frankie Finch, a notorious East End gangster whose son is vying for the title, determined to win.


Driven to the edge of bankruptcy and breakdown Jake is surrounded by cut-throat parents and team bosses who threaten to destroy everything he holds dear. Will Jake and his family be devoured? Or have they got what it takes to thrive and survive?

Driven is available as ebook and paperback. Free to read with Kindle Unlimited.

Book 1 - NOTORIOUS: Danger, Deception, Desire

Book 2 - ACCUSED: Stardom, Scanda, Survival

Book 3 - CAGED: Rock, Ransom, Retribution

Book 4 - DRIVEN: Racing, Rivalry, Revenge

Book 5 - FIXATED

Prequel: MADE: The Frankie Finch Story

Driven: Racing, Rivalry, Revenge
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