It took centuries to get life just the way he likes it, but only one false move to bring it all crashing down.



Paris isn’t your run-of-the-mill vampire. He prefers drinking energy to blood, preferably positive energy and ideally sexual energy. There really is nothing quite like it.


Life is good, and Sanctuary, his girls night strip club, is packed every night of the week allowing him to drink his fill from the baying crowd.


But when his business partner makes a bad choice which leads to a death at the club and the police come knocking life becomes a whole lot more complicated.


After all, what happens to a vampire who’s locked in a police cell when the sun rises…


“Vampires, and witches and murder. Oh my!”

Clara Munro is a freak. Or at least that’s what her workmates think. They don’t know the half of it.


The difficult truth is that Clara can see the dead which, when you live in London, means that there are ghosts lurking around every corner. Clawing, screaming, desperate for attention. And since no one else can see what Clara can, everyone thinks she’s a bit odd. And it makes dating a nightmare.


Then an unexpected tragedy brings a stranger to her door. Alec is intriguing, handsome and, little known to Clara, a 300 year old vampire.


As she struggles to come to terms with her new reality Clara is dragged into a previously undreamt of world of power-hungry witches and vicious vampires, and has to question whether Alec is the answer to her dreams, or her worst nightmare.


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