Once the toast of Hollywood. Now she's the lead suspect in a murder investigation.

Pandora Caine has the world at her feet. As one of Hollywood's top leading ladies, awards season is looming, and she's been nominated for Best Actress, something she's hotly tipped to win.

Travelling to London with her celebrity friends, a misjudged one night stand with notorious ex-porn star Rock Hart finds her the prime suspect in his brutal murder.

As her perfect life crumbles and the film world turns its back on her Pandora is on the brink of losing everything. Arrested and hounded by the press, the only person left to turn to is old friend and East End gang boss, Frankie Finch.

Can Frankie help her out of an impossible situation, or will the forces conspiring against her bring them both crashing down?


“If Jilly Cooper and Jackie Collins had a baby, this would be it!”

“The thrilling gangster bonk buster of summer 2020!”




“The sexiness of Jackie Collins with the storytelling of Jeffrey Archer.”

“Hollywood glamour and gangland London clash in exciting style. I couldn’t put this down!”


Bad boy Clay Caulder has it all. He runs the glitzy rooftop Flamingo Club for notorious gang boss Frankie Finch and enjoys status, a dream lifestyle, and a constant succession of beautiful women in his bed.


All that changes when film star Pandora Caine sashays into the club and turns his life upside down.


Passionate romance turns into dark obsession and they find themselves dragged into a desperate game of deception in gangland London where death is a constant threat.


As a rival gang encroaches on Frankie’s East London turf and clan war threatens, can Clay prove his loyalty and keep his head? Or will he lose everything, including Pandora, as his life spirals out of control?

"Cut from the same cloth as a Jilly Cooper blockbuster."



“Fast and furious from start to finish. A sexy fast-paced thriller.”


“A high-octane Jilly Cooper-esque romp with tyre squeal and sex appeal.”


Jake Golding is a kind hearted family man. Taking his son racing seems like a good idea until Max is scouted, and they find themselves catapulted into the prestigious British Championships.


Thrust into the adrenaline-fuelled world of motorsport, where wealth and corruption go hand in hand, marriages are made and shattered and sex is a weapon as well as a hobby for bored wives, Jake locks horns with Fat Frankie Finch, a notorious East End gangster whose son is vying for the title, determined to win.


Driven to the edge of bankruptcy and breakdown Jake is surrounded by cut-throat parents and team bosses who threaten to destroy everything he holds dear. Will Jake and his family be devoured? Or have they got what it takes to thrive and survive?



If you love 'Peaky Blinders' and 'Legend', you'll love 'Made: The Frankie Finch Story'.

"Fast-paced, brutal and wickedly funny."


It was never Fat Frankie Finch’s intention to become a gangster.  In fact, he just wanted a nice life, a bit of razzle-dazzle and to be able to treat his Linda once in a while.


Until one fateful morning when everything changed.


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If you love 'Peaky Blinders' and 'Legend', you'll love 'Made: The Frankie Finch Story'.

"Fast-paced, hard-hitting and wickedly funny."

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