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If you love 'Peaky Blinders' and 'Legend', you'll love 'Made: The Frankie Finch Story'.

"Fast-paced, brutal and wickedly funny."


It was never Fat Frankie Finch’s intention to become a gangster. In fact, he just wanted a nice life, a bit of razzle-dazzle and to be able to treat his Linda once in a while.


Until one fateful morning when everything changed.

5 star review

"A rollicking romp through the East End ."

Amazon Customer

5 star review

"Hopefully this is the start to a new series of gangster books. The author has done a great job with a short story to set the wheels in motion."

Amazon Customer

Made: The Frankie Finch Prequel
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It took centuries to get life just the way he likes it, but only one false move to bring it all crashing down.



Paris isn’t your run-of-the-mill vampire. He prefers drinking energy to blood, preferably positive energy and ideally sexual energy. There really is nothing quite like it.


Life is good, and Sanctuary, his girls night strip club, is packed every night of the week allowing him to drink his fill from the baying crowd.


But when his business partner makes a bad choice which leads to a death at the club and the police come knocking life becomes a whole lot more complicated.


After all, what happens to a vampire who’s locked in a police cell when the sun rises…

5 star review

"I struggled to keep the book down and devoured every word in one sitting. "

Goodreads Review

5 star review

"Full of colourful characters and excitement.
Great read, and easy to get drawn in to. "

Amazon Customer

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